Experienced Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the development and maintenance of business and manufacturing software tools and reports, working as a full-time Developer since 2016.

Check out my About Me page if you're interested in an overview of my story, but the summary is that I've had a roller-coaster of a career before finding my love of code. A common thread to the aforementioned roller-coaster is the possibly cliched "Work Smart, Not Harder". I have always tried to engineer my jobs in a way to accomplish tasks well and efficiently, while keeping it simple.

This is what I do now, but for others. Yes, I am a .Net engineer and developer, BUT what I really consider myself is a Process Improvement Engineer who happens to develop custom software solutions where it makes sense for any tasks that I, my colleagues and any clients might find a need.

Chris Wilkins

.Net Developer


  • User Interface

  • Dynamic Controls

  • Database Interaction

  • Library Development

  • Database Structural Design


  • Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio Code

  • GitHub

  • MS SQL Server Management Studio

  • IBM Data Studio

  • MySQL Workbench